Chicken “Flake”
Chicken “Flake”
Chicken “Flake”
Chicken “Flake”

Chicken “Flake”

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Chicken "Flake"

Cuddly toy chicken "Flocke" has just hatched from the egg.

"Flocke" likes to sit wrapped up in her winter clothes on the chicken ladder and watch what's going on around her. She's a wild chicken, loves to gossip and chat and always knows what's going on in the neighborhood. Maybe she'll find a really nice, cozy nest that way.

"Jette" lives in the city with all the other cuddly toys from "ole & fine" and, like all her friends, enjoys regular cuddles.

She can never get enough of it and would be happy if you adopted her.

Whether as a cuddly toy or just for decoration, "Flocke" brings joy into the house.

The cuddly toy "Flocke" is made of cuddly plush and velour fabric, is hand-sewn and filled with wadding. She wears a long separate knitted scarf and a felt hat.

Dimensions of flake: 34 cm high, 18 cm deep, 22 cm wide

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