Rabbit cushion “Bas”
Rabbit cushion “Bas”
Rabbit cushion “Bas”
Rabbit cushion “Bas”

Rabbit cushion “Bas”

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Rabbit cushion "Bas"

The "Bas" rabbit cushion is a cuddly rabbit with a fluffy plush tail made of soft wide corduroy. It's not only lovely to cuddle with, but is also guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

This rabbit cushion is an absolute eye-catcher and very decorative. Rabbit "Bas" is not only suitable as an Easter gift, but also as a birthday present, or just because.

As a soft pillow, "Bas" the bunny enjoys regular cuddles. He can never get enough of them and would be delighted if you adopted him and brought him home with you or gave him to someone you love.

Whether as a cuddly toy, cuddly pillow or just for decoration, "Bas" is simply a joy.

Cuddly pillow "Bas" is hand-sewn from wide corduroy, with a pony and tail made of long-haired plush and filled with recycled wadding.

Special features

  • Individually handcrafted by the designer
  • Character designed by the designer herself. Typically ole & fine!
  • Limited edition
  • Made in Germany

Dimensions: 65 cm high (with raised ears), 39 cm wide, 13 cm deep

By the way, "Bas'" best friend is pig pillow "Stine".

>> click here to get to know "Stine"

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