Conditions of participation for ole & fine competitions 2020

This competition is carried out by (company name, your address). This promotion is not affiliated with Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or organized by Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram. If nothing is specified, the competition runs for 4 days from the publication of the competition post.

ole & fine reserves the right to change the competition at any time or to discontinue it completely without this resulting in any claims on the part of the participants.

A violation of these terms and conditions of participation will result in exclusion from the respective competition.

1. Participation

Participation in the promotion takes place via a post on the Facebook or Instagram platform, in the form of a comment under the competition post or by submitting a contribution requested in the post by post, WhatsApp or email. Participation does not involve any costs and is independent of an order. An order does not affect the chances of winning.

Anyone who is at least 18 years old, has a permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany, Switzerland or Austria, is registered on Facebook or Instagram and is a fan of the ole & fine fan page or a follower of the Instagram profile can take part in the competition.

Business partners and employees of ole & fine as well as their relatives are excluded from participation.

How can I participate?

Participation in the competition requires topic-related interaction with the post, such as liking, following, commenting. With this comment you accept the terms and conditions of participation.

Manipulation, disruption of competition, the use of unauthorized aids of any kind and participation with false accounts are prohibited and will lead to exclusion from the competition. There is no entitlement to participate.

2. Selection of winners/rights of third parties

The comment made by the participant must match the topic of the competition issued by ole & fine.

Contributions that violate legal provisions, the rights of third parties or common decency and/or that contain defamatory, discriminatory, offensive, racist or otherwise offensive content are expressly not permitted. ole & fine expressly reserves the right to remove such contributions without prior notice and without giving reasons and to exclude the participant from the competition.
The participant assures that he is the owner of all rights to his entry listed in section 3 for participation in this competition and for granting ole & fine. He also assures that his contribution does not violate applicable law, in particular morality, nor is it discriminatory, nor does it violate religious and cultural views and values, personal rights, copyrights and/or other rights of third parties.

Should third parties assert claims against ole & fine due to violation of their rights, the participant will release ole & fine from all third-party claims upon first request. The exemption also includes the reasonable costs incurred by ole & fine in this context, in particular the necessary costs of legal representation.
The participant is prohibited from misusing his contribution for advertising purposes, from harassing, discriminating or insulting other participants.

3. Granting of rights

ole & fine will use the contribution submitted by the participant exclusively to carry out the competition. By taking part in the competition, the participant agrees that if he wins, his entry including his first name and abbreviated last name will be published. The publication takes place on the ole & fine fan page.

4. Determination of profits

After the competition ends, the winners will be drawn at random. The jury selects the winners of corresponding competitions. The prizes will be described in the participation post.

Legal recourse is excluded.

A cash payment of the value of the prize is not possible. The prize is not transferable. Vouchers will be deposited in the winner's customer account and can be redeemed with the next order. If the winner does not yet have a customer account with ole & fine, a customer account will be created.

The winners will be marked in the post under their comment and possibly announced on the ole & fine fan page. First name spelled out, last name abbreviated. The announcement of the winners is without guarantee.

5. Data protection

The recipient of the information provided by the participant (names, images, posts, addresses) is not Facebook or Instagram, but rather the ole & fine H address. If you have any questions or complaints, please contact ole & fine exclusively.

The information provided by the participant will only be used to evaluate the competition and to determine and announce the winners. Vouchers will be deposited in the winner's customer account and can be redeemed with the next order. If the winner does not yet have a customer account with ole & fine, a customer account will be created. When opening a customer account, the data is used for advertising purposes (objection possible at any time). If you win, the participant's first name and abbreviated last name will be published in a post. The data will not be passed on. Further information on data protection (information rights, storage period, complaint rights, etc.) can be found here: Link to data protection declaration.